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Saint Augustine Real Estate
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Listing Agent Saint Augustine


Lets Meet

Our first order of business is to meet. I want to discuss your goals, ambitions and desires of your existing property. I also want to get to know you and develop a friendly relationship throughout the entire process.


Each property is unique by its price, location, history, and more. My job is to find out all the elements that makes your property desirable to potential buyers.


In my experience, it takes a combination of powerful marketing tools to facilitate a faster closing. High quality photos, day time and night, full HD videos of property and ariel photos are just a few ways I can promote your property.


My combination of effective online and offline marketing strategies will bring multiple leads to the table. When the potential buyer presents an acceptable offer, we will all meet at the closing table.


Bringing a buyer to the table generally means that you must first “bring them to the house.” That is why we employ a combination of effective online and offline marketing strategies. While for some Realtors®, one strategy fits all, we know from experience that buyers come from many sources. To be a truly effective property marketer you must appeal to all sources by using several marketing strategies at once. There are many marketing methods we employ that go above and beyond the traditional posting to the MLS, hosting of an open house, placing of standard yard signs and creation of a general home flyer. In my experience, it takes a combination of powerful marketing tools to facilitate a faster closing.


Our online property marketing strategies are extremely aggressive. Experience has taught us the significance of internet marketing and the value of distributing your property. By collaborating with many diverse listing portals, from Google Base to, to Trulia and Zillow, your property’s reach is increased and will be seen not only by local buyers, but those from out of town as well.This ensures that your property receives maximum exposure and is likely to sell quicker and at a higher dollar value. 67% of home buyers come from outside the state. This is an impossible market to penetrate using only a yard sign and local advertising.

If you want buyers to be interested in your home, you need to show it in its best light. A good first impression can influence a buyer both emotionally and visually, thus prompting them to make an offer. In addition, what the buyer first sees is what they think of when they consider the asking price. A bad first impression can dissuade a potential buyer. Don’t show your property until it’s all fixed up. You do not want to give buyers the chance to use the negative first impression they have as means of negotiation. Ask around for the opinions others have of your home. Real estate agents who see houses everyday can give solid advice on what needs to be done. Consider what architects or landscape designers have to say. What you need are objective opinions, and it’s sometimes hard to separate the personal and emotional ties you have for the home from the property itself. Typically, there are some general fix ups that need to be done both outside and on the inside.


As a seller, you should consider the following:

Landscaping – Has the front yard been maintained?

Are areas of the house visible to the street in good condition?

Cleaning or Redoing the driveway – Is your driveway cluttered with toys, tools, trash etc.?

Painting – Does both the exterior and the interior look like they have been well taken care of?

Carpeting – Does the carpet have stains? Or does the carpet look old and dirty?

A professional home inspection protects both you and the buyer. It allows both you and the buyer the opportunity to learn about the property’s defects.

A home inspection usually covers the following:

Plumbing conditions – if there is leakage or clogging

Roofing conditions – the extent of deterioration, if there is leakage

Electrical conditions – if there are inadequate circuits or potential fire hazards

Structural problems – if there are problems with the underlying foundation of your home

As a seller, the home inspection reports protect you because it establishes the actual condition of the property at the time of sale.

FSBO (pronounced fizz-bo), or For Sale By Owner, is a way of selling your home without the use of a professional real estate agent or broker. The idea behind FSBO is that by selling your home yourself, you save the approximate 6% that would be the agents’ commission. 6% may not sound like a lot, but it can add up, especially on more expensive homes. But before you run off and decide to sell your home FSBO, you must remember that to get a savings like that, there must be a cost. So what’s the catch? Selling FSBO is hard. A lot harder. Only about 10% of sellers that decide to do FSBO are successful at it. And not all of them end up saving themselves money. FSBO sellers often end up accepting a lower price for their home than they would with an agent. There are of course other issues as well. Can you afford to make selling your home your full-time job? Because for a lot of FSBO sellers, that’s exactly what it is. Do you have the time and capital to spend on the marketing, advertising, inspections, paperwork, phone calls, showings, and problems that come up when any home is sold?