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News & Updates for Saint Augustine Real Estate

16 Dec Always Prepared

Realtor Diane Grady just completed a seminar in Austin, Texas with friend and mentor, Keith Cunningham, speaker, author and business coach. This seminar, “Plan or Get Slaughtered in 2015,” is designed to help you learn to set standards, not goals, and how to achieve the best results in your place of business. Diane also learned about some of Keith’s work during her time at the Tony Robbins Business Mastery classes she took in both Las Vegas and Fiji. She believes continuing to learn and grow is key in keeping current and ahead of the curve for customers in order to give the best customer service possible. “I make sure that I always am prepared for anything that can arise in a transaction and can be the best agent possible whether my customers are buying or selling,” Diane said. “Taking the extra steps to learn makes all the difference in every negotiation.” For a professional Real Estate experience or to call with questions, you can reach Diane with Endless Summer Realty at 904-392-7355.

26 Aug Life on the Intracoastal Waterway

birgIn a sleepy little town named Saint Augustine Florida you will find some of the most beautiful stretches of the Intracoastal Waterway, anywhere in the state.  Where our neighbors to the north and south of us narrow to small canals with homes peering over the edges at each other, Saint Augustine has broad sparkling waterways mostly bordered by marshes and other natural vegetation. For those of you lucky enough to live in the downtown or Davis Shores areas, you will delight in your unencumbered views across the water of Historic Downtown Saint Augustine, our nation’s oldest city! The magnificent tops of Flagler College and some of the old churches, The Cross, The Fort, The Bridge of Lions, and for those on the downtown side, the striking sunrises and the Old Lighthouse can be seen. For those living on the East side, the Sunsets are unmatched and Mother Nature will amaze you with a unique one daily!

The water is clean and filled with playful dolphin and lumbering manatee, all enjoying the beautiful waters here and putting on a show for you daily!
The native birds are too numerous to name but the colorful Roseate Spoonbill, Blue Heron, Brown Pelican and Egrets are only a few of what you will see here. Saint Augustine’s Intracoastal Waterfront is exclusive as much of it is non buildable due to the extensive marsh grasses, State Parks and nature preserves. That makes what IS buildable so very valuable, but amazingly so reasonable in price. The fishing is fun for all ages and you can charter one of the many local fishing experts by group or private party, or take advantage of the current low prices on sea vessels and buy your own! Redfish, grouper, and out in the ocean Sailfish and more are all in abundance here.

It is charming to watch the Shrimp boats quietly making their way out to sea and then returning with their harvest, followed closely by the sea birds hoping to get a taste of the goods. The Intracoastal with it’s broad expanse of water makes it perfect for all water sports. Whether fishing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, skiiing, jet skiing, sailing, tubing or more, you will find it a calm and wonderful place to enjoy. You will find a plethora of outstanding homes and land for sale here at prices that cannot be beat. For the boat, nature, or water lover in you, do yourself a favor and come and visit. Your regrets will be none and you may just find a home for some of your dreams!

15 Aug Your best selling tools, honesty and a nice smile!

Lets face it, people are more stressed and challenged in these economic times than ever before. Life has been changing on a dime and it is easy to get caught up in the turmoil of it all. During times like these many people go to extremes and become either greedy and selfish, or become paranoid and suspecting. Don’t take offense. This is normal. Fear causes many adverse reactions. What you do not want to do is become part of the chaos by reacting to their behavior.

If you can be in gratitude, keep a smile on your face because you are grateful for the business that this person brings you, and work with them honestly, you will turn this person into a raving fan. Kindness and truth go a long way, especially in times where many people in desperation, stretch the truth or fabricate making people all the more doubtful and mistrusting.

Life is different and our world will continue to change, but put your best foot forward, don’t judge anyone, and keep smiling. You never know whose world you can turn right side up today!

11 Aug What is your purpose in life?

Recently I attended a Date with Destiny event in Palm Desert with Tony Robbins. We had an amazing week of growth, learning and friendship. One of the things that he had us do was to take a look at what the purpose of our life was and to write a mission statement or purpose about it.

This was something not just off of the top of your head, but something that he wanted us to pull from deep inside, write down, and then use as an inspiration all through the years to come. It was amazing to see that some people had no idea of what their purpose was, some knew right away, and some, after much deliberation came up with something totally different than what they would have thought would be their mission or purpose.

Do you know what your purpose is? Life without purpose is certainly less motivating and does not have the driving force that Life with Purpose has. Take some time before the year ends, or spend some time on New Years day and think of what your purpose is. I will share with you how he had us write it out and also share with you my Life Purpose as well.

I, Diane Grady, do see, hear, know and feel, that the purpose of my life is to live with an abundance of love and gratitude and the ability and means to grow and contribute.

If you can write your own purpose and then read it daily to reinforce, you will see that it makes a positive difference in your life. I hope that this gift will help everyone that reads the post and I wish you all a very happy healthy and positive New Years!

03 Aug Pelican Reef

reefPelican Reef is an exclusive waterfront community located just south west of Anastasia Island’s famous Lighthouse. There will only be 125 homes to ever be built here on this pristine tract of land, bordered by the sparkling Intracoastal waterway to the west, and extensive marshlands filled with native birds of every size and color! For those with water front property, your views are extensive and include the historic Bridge of Lions, the downtown skyline, The famous Cross, and dramatic sunsets compliments of Mother Nature each evening! The waterfront is calm and beautiful and you will enjoy the shrimp boats with their nets full and a sky full of birds following. If you are up early enough, you can watch the birds fly from the neighboring Alligator Farm in the morning and then later, at dusk, returning to their roost, all in beautiful formation. The dolphin live and play right in our back yards and fishing from your dock or the community pier is plentiful! Our best neighbors are the Roseate Spoonbills, the tall Blue Herons who stop cars (we do not have traffic!) as they saunter across the street from pond to marsh, and the dolphins that splash and play in our back yards!

All of the homes save for only a few, back to marsh, ponds, tributaries running to the Intracoastal, and then of course direct Intracoastal waterway! The neighborhood offers a community pier for all to use which is included in your low quarterly fees of only 285.00. You have the ultimate in privacy and the community is secured by a beautiful wrought iron gate, 24/7. For those boaters who do not purchase a home that is waterfront, you have boat slips, only several years new, right here in the community. You can rent a boat slip for approximately 9.50 per foot, per month. For this you have exclusive use of the boat slip (boats up to approximately 32 feet), water, electricity, and a storage box. Quite a deal and you never have to leave the community!

For those who enjoy biking or running, you are only a short distance from many locations such as the Amphitheater, The State Park Beach, Restaurants, Shops, The Bridge of Lions to Historic Downtown, The Alligator Farm and so much more. The cross breezes from Ocean to Intracoastal cool you and keep the air fresh and clean. The soil is rich and fruits and flowering plants grow in abundance so the gardener in you is welcome to come out and play!

The community plans events for all ages such as the hayride and trick or treat events on Halloween, the Easter egg hunt and brunch, and always a magnificent 4th of July event where we in this community have Front Row Seats for the downtown fireworks on the water. Pelican Reef is Anastasia Island’s best kept secret! Come and join us in a community where the neighbors love to live and play in their island paradise! We have both stunning homes and outstanding vacant lots for sale in a variety of price ranges. Call today to come and discover your own piece of Heaven on Earth!