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"A Tribute to Harley Joe Cocker. October 1, 2001-April 7, 2014."

On April 7th, 2014, I had to put my dog to sleep. He had a brain tumor. Harley has been part of real estate with me, in every ad, on billboards and in everything I did. All my customers know him. For as long as I have been advertising I have had a photo of me with my best buddy Harley. My photos with him signified what I loved about where I lived, being out at the beach with my pal, running, swimming, and his most favorite thing of all, playing catch. Together we sold a lifestyle. One day, almost 13 years ago, I went to the mall for a pair of shoes. I came home with Harley instead. I have had many dogs, but Harley was special. Not for even one second of his life did he ever have a mean moment. He made so many people smile and everyone who met him, loved him. He was the perfect example of unconditional love. Sadly we found that he had a brain tumor. He was such a trooper. He never showed that he had any discomfort. We thought he would have had longer to be with us but sadly it went faster than we thought and he left us. I am broken hearted but know that there is a very special place in heaven for him. He will always stay in my heart and in my ads because it would just be too sad to do it without him. For those of my friends and customers who knew him, say a little prayer as he makes his way across the stars. I miss you my sweet boy and will see you again one day. May you rest in peace and feel our love on your journey.
- Diane Grady